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: right now, police aren't saying anything. we called the stockton police. they directed us to the san jose police and we have not yet heard back from them. all they said is they are actively pursuing a warrant. but a lot of people are believing that since this is the san jose police, that this is ruiz who is inside the home. also, we don't know if he's inside the home alone. we've heard mixed reports, whether people were able to get people out earlier in the day, or indeed if there are people in the house with ruiz. >> and of course we'll have more on the story for you at 6:30. >>> well, a good samaritan is dead after two crashes this morning on interstate 880 in heyward. the first crash happened on northbound 880 near the interchange with highway 92. a woman driving by stopped and got out to help. that's when a car slammed into her. she was thrown to the other side of the freeway and was killed. >> people's general nature is to help each other, but on the freeway, this time of night, you have to error on the side of caution. lot of people going on in drivers minds these days. so in t
witnesses that may have left the scene, but have more information for us. >> reporter: police also spent much of the day trying to track down the people responsible for the party, which was advertised on the internet, but did not have a permit. >> when that occurs, we're notified that there's going to be a large group gathering, a party or some sort, so we can monitor. at this point, there were no notifications out and as far as i know, no permits issued. >> disturbing, obviously. that's the times we're living in. >> reporter: in san leandro, anne mackovic, cbs 5. >> police responding to a shots fired in san francisco. a man had been shot several times after 10:00 last night on thomas avenue in the bayview district. 21-year-old nick franton stum intelled into a store to get help. he later died at the hospital. no motive or suspect description at this time. >>> temporary repairs made to a 2-foot wide sinkhole in a san francisco street, 300 block of 15th avenue, when it gave way about 8:00 this morning. public works says a 100-year-old sewer main under the road collapsed. the street will r
. >> it is like a fear that, you know, all of us have. >> reporter: biker groups from all over the bay area, california, and the country, were represented here today. >> we're all friends. we're all here gathering. everybody is cool. we like to keep it that way. >> so did the san jose police, camped out on the corner, patrolling the event. >> the director of oak hill memorial park says this is the largest event that has gone on here in recent memory. >> what does it take to put on an event of this size? >> a lot of patience and understanding. a lot of empathy that there are people who are different than our normal traditional type services. but we serve everybody. >> in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> apple is holding a memorial service tomorrow evening, for steve jobs. "the wall street journal" says invitations have gone out to silicon valley big wigs, and other people close to jobs. apple says the event at stanford university is private and that no public services are planned. a small private funeral was held a week ago. jobs who co-founded apple and the mastermind behind the i-phone an
the u.s. led coalition in afghanistan. 12 americans killed in a suicide attack. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. it is a bay area occupation that has turned into a rallying cry. commentators, filmmakers, and even protesters abroad have taken notice of occupy oakland. don knapp joins us to explain how the local protest suddenly captured the local spotlight. >> that's right. and occupy oakland protesters have been meeting and strategizing all day here in front of city hall, again, of course, after being routed from city hall, on tuesday this week. and we know we had about 170 tents back then. let's take a look overhead right now and see what it looks like in front of city hall. not quite as many as the 170 tents we had back then. but a lot of people are back in front of oakland city hall. discussing their strategies. and the big thing on the agenda for tonight. a 6:00 discussion of alleged police brutality obviously in connection with that incident on tuesday. a tent city has sprung up again on oakland city hall's front lawn and speakers' spirits are apparently boosted by occupy oakla
xxxvii. >> don't forget, stay with us, we'll respond to ya. just win now. >> reporter: in recent times with long disappointing seasons, the ail owner stayed involved to capture glory days and supremacy. >> you got it win and i think you can win and that's what we got to do. >> reporter: the oakland raiders and their universal fan base remain a symbol of toughness, rebellion and pride. a mindset established long ago by its fearless leader, a leader named al davis. >> i want to win. obviously, in life, i like certain things. i like beautiful women more than unbeautiful women. i'm not being mean to the unbeautiful women but i want to win. and i will win. and we will win, the raiders. >> raiders coach hue jackson told the team about al davis' death at a team meeting in houston where the raiders play the texans tomorrow. we spoke with one player and coach after that meeting. >> emotional day for the organization. >> well, it's been emotional but i am not -- i do get emotional. [ pause ] >> he loved his players. and it don't matter if he was here now or i played for them 30 years ago. he sti
. the few who are being investigated. >>> this airport is leaving us here and not doing anything about it. >> the passenger bill of rights didn't go into effect. the conditions hundreds of jetblue passengers faced while stuck on the tarmac for hours. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. it's been two weeks since occupy sf has been calling part of the plaza home. despite the police intervention the 'em camp. has remained virtually untouched. now there is a down right disgusting problem that could change all that. the problem that could mean eviction. >> reporter: occupy san francisco is now dealing with dirty dealings of its own. overflowing port a potties. now, unusable. protestors closing them off to the public until they can be cleaned out t question is, when, and will it be soon enough before it being comes a health hazard? >> yeah, i mean if we have some unclean toilets it's a good excuse for the cops to come in and tell us we need to leave because we're breaking laws, directing signs to other resources available in the community. >> reporter: as tension rises at occupy locations -- [ y
, but it makes us think about what are the solutions. >> the protests continue to go in cities nationwide but it's not being received well by at least one republican presidential candidate tomorrow protest wall street and the bankers is saying you're anticapitollism. some of them are there because they don't have a job, yes, but the fact of the matter is, why aren't there jobs? go and picket the white house. demonstrate in front of the white house. >> when we said everyone should pay their fair share, the other side said that's class warfare. no it's the most indeering american value, fairness, it's about everyone paying their fair share. >> the ambassador worked along side martin luther king. for the movement to be effective it cannot just be people voicing their frustrations. they have to have a message and organization. >> thank you. well, san jose police are searching tonight for the person that shot two people saturday morning in a residential neighborhood. it happened in an alley near the 800 block of south 3rd street. the victims were a 19 year old man and a 20 year old woman, both lived
is on t-shirts and on twitter. a stream of comments, hopes, and memories from all over the u.s.. along with the partying and the mourning going on here, there is also an air of wondering what is next for the team. >> it's almost like the matriarch of a family leaving, and you're wondering who is going to step in now, and are they going to take care of our history and our family. >> reporter: but there are some things most agree on. >> i hope they never go back to los angeles. >> i just hope they'll keep the al davis way. >> i even think they'll build a new stadium, and it will be right around these premises somehow. somebody will come through. >> reporter: it's a new era for raiders fans, one where davis' memory will always hold a place. >>> with, another in is a series of police shoots in san jose turned deadly. shots range out just before noon as officers were investigating reports of a suspicious and possibly armed man in an apartment complex on the 400 block of wooster avenue. >> one officer discharged his service weapon. >> the suspect died at the scene. his identity has not bee
deliberately ran into and killed a motorcyclist, today the investigator is giving us a lesser concluded version of events. now the crash as we know by now happened about 4:00 in the afternoon, here on 580 and san leandro near 150th. police say there appeared to be a fight between the driver of the van which did not carry any passengers at the time. and one of a group of motorcyclists, a man who police say was wearing hell's angels clothing, we don't know if he was or not. but the van hit and carried the driver down the freeway, really about a mile before coming to a stop. but san leandro police sergeant now says on an interview that there are still facts to be determined about the crash. >> his motorcycle -- was dragged in terms of him being dragged, that is not necessarily the information i have at this point. we know that he was hit by a car, but not necessarily being dragged. we're investigating if this was an accident or done on purpose. >> reporter: the driver of the paratransit van was 31-year-old ed hall of oakland, arrested on suspicion of felony hit-and- run, he tried to one from the s
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9